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Marlins is the leading brand in English language testing and e-learning solutions for the shipping, cruise, yacht and offshore industries. We are proud to offer Marlin's online based courses on TAPiit platform. 

STCW Crowd Management on Passenger Ships


During an emergency on a passenger vessel, passenger safety is of the utmost importance. This course provides guidance on assisting passengers in an emergency, how to deal with large crowds whilst ensuring their safe movement, and discusses human behaviour in an emergency.

The STCW Crowd Management on Passenger Ships course is required for all seafarers who deal with passengers on a regular basis.

Lifeboat Training

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The Lifeboat Training course provides an overview of the typical arrangements and equipment used on most common lifeboats, maintenance and inspection procedures as well as various regulations. Marlin's course will also talk you through some common incidents lifeboats are involved in and how they can be avoided.

Marlins recommends around 4 hours for completion of their online course and assessment.

English for Maritime Engineers


Effective communication is a mandatory requirement of the IMO STCW Convention to ensure the safety of crews and vessels. This flagship new Maritime English programme developed by Marlins aims to support seafarers from the marine engine department with essential language skills. The course includes a variety of highly creative, interactive speaking, listening and reading tasks to engage and motivate the learner throughout. An in-built speech recording facility allows learners to compare their own speech with that of a native speaker and encourages self-directed practice.

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