Unlike many Ship Management Companies, BSM elected to invest, manage and operate are own Maritime Training Centres (MTCs) our MTC's are strategically located in Limassol Cyprus, Mumbai India, Manila Philippines, Shanghai China and Gdynia Poland, and are open to customers wishing to benefit from the expertise of an industry leader.

The MTC’s place a special emphasis on course content meeting and exceeding the STCW standards with the primary aim of being able to support the competence development of all seafarers from the outset of their careers and throughout their career development. The MTC's offer a range of courses including; Bridge, Engine, Switchboard, Gas (LNG and LPG) and Mooring Simulators.

Simulation training is of the utmost importance in modern shipping, with the wide range of operating systems present even across the same fleet. With an ever increasing number of processes becoming automated, it is vital that seafaring personnel are competent to perform on the variety of vessels and equipment.

Each MTC offers a wide range of training programmes that supports the smooth transition of seafarers between ranks and fleets. These courses also cover equipment and vessel specific training to facilitate ongoing professional development.

The courses are available at the MTC's and in many cases can be conducted via online e.g. SIGTTO (LICOS), please email an MTC via our website to enquire.