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Nautilus International has posted a new article 'Cashback offer to members on a new training portal' that discusses our new 1.5% Cashback offer to Nautilus members.

Nautilus is an independent, influential, global trade union and professional organisation, committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective services to members, and welfare support to necessitous seafarers, their dependants and other maritime professionals. If you are a maritime professional, Nautilus is the specialist union and professional organisation for you. Click here to join Nautilus.

The article discusses how the money saved from cashback will go "straight back into members' pockets and not be credited towards another course. The article also discusses Tapiit's new reminder feature, made to remind seafarers to update their certificates. The article states "We can send Seafarers a reminder when certification is due to expire, along with links to relevant and available training courses. Members need to register their certification including expiry dates to access this service." We look forward to partnerships in the future with Nautilus and we welcome all of it's members to our website.

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