TAPiit welcomes Lee Clarke to the team

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It was a great start of 2020 for TAPiit as we had a lot of exciting news and announcements.

We also welcomed a new addition to the TAPiit team – Lee Clarke, a former master mariner and a cadet manager, current Secretary of the KGFS (King Georges Fund for Seafarers) on the Isle of Man and a Royal Institute of Navigation associate fellow. Lee will be taking on various roles within the company, which includes project managing TAPiit’s new venture, content writing, presenting and delivering live training to the seafarers around the world.

Lee had a very clear vision why he wanted to join TAPiit on its journey. “I have been involved in the maritime training industry for a few years. We were always trying to understand how to better the learning experience for our seafarers, but we were going around in circles.

When the CEO of TAPiit Richard Turner approached me to discuss Tapiit, it was clear that we were on the same page from the moment we started talking. Our agenda is the same - disrupting the current way we train and making training more accessible for seafarers. I was hooked straight away and I joined TAPiit in January 2020. I have never looked back,” – said Lee.

Lee also explained why education within the maritime sector is so important: “The maritime industry is ever changing, but never more so than at the present. Technology and the IoT (Internet of Things) is going to disrupt how we think about training. With autonomy very clearly being on the horizon, traditional training academies and colleges will need to adapt. New and innovative solutions will be imperative to the maritime survival and will give it room to flourish.”

Lee Clarke is extremely excited to take on various projects with TAPiit. Ahead of busy months full of content writing and planning, Lee kindly shared what he is looking forward to the most. “What am I looking forward to? Making a difference in the maritime industry and delivering an accessible quality product to the seafarers – a product that we can be proud of. Future-proof quality maritime training is my main priority,” – explained Lee.

It’s great to have Lee on the team and we are extremely excited to work together. 

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