A new collaboration between TAPiit Maritime and Nautilus International will deliver cashback rewards to Nautilus members

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We are excited to announce that TAPiit Maritime has started an official collaboration with Nautilus International Union.

About Nautilus International

Nautilus International is an influential maritime trade union and professional organisation supporting and protecting the interest of many maritime seagoing and shore-based professionals in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. While constantly raising awareness of merchant seafaring, recognising achievements of maritime professionals and providing support to seafarers, Nautilus is always looking to do more by enhancing various benefits available to its members.

Why our collaboration is important?

Here at TAPiit, we are former mariners and we will always have maritime education at our hearts. Our aim is to connect maritime professionals around the world to a global database of training providers and allow our customers to book the right training at the place at the right time. Apart from providing our customers a choice, we are committed to promoting maritime education, career development, wellbeing , and general welfare of maritime personnel across the globe.

TAPiit Maritime has joined forces with Nautilus International to deliver some very exciting member benefits and will continue to work together to develop those even further.

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Member benefits and CashBack

Book your training with TAPiit and get rewarded! We are excited to announce that every Nautilus International member is entitled to receive a cashback reward when making a booking on www.tapiitmaritime.com. You can withdraw your money, spend it or save it for the future. We are also working on many other rewards and services that are coming your way. Sign up today and stay up to date with all TAPiit Maritime news, including updates on your services, rewards and cashback.

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